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SuperMemo UX is a state-of-the-art tool for computer-assisted learning. The latest version of the application has been equipped with a smart, intuitive and user-friendly interface. All the types of exercises used in the previous versions of SuperMemo have been re-implemented. What is more, new types of exercises, especially designed for autonomous learning, have been added.

Basic types of exercises

  • multiple choice tests,
  • cloze tests and droplists,
  • paraphrases,
  • drag and drop (for categorisation or sentence filling),
  • ordering lists,
  • selecting phrases,
  • true-or-false tests,
  • and more ...

Additional features

  • multiple user management; with only one installation many users can learn from the courses, without the need to copy them,
  • simultaneous learning from many courses, without the need to switch between them manually,
  • selection of the material, including and excluding it from repetitions,
  • a built-in keyboard with diacritics of a given language,
  • a concise dictionary including the course vocabulary,
  • a schedule of the repetitions planned for a given month,
  • automatic online update of the application and course material,
  • a built-in speech analyser, which allows you to test and correct your pronunciation on your own.

With the latest version of the application you can also create and edit your own courses. Using a built-in software programme, you can easily design your own courses with a variety of exercises. With the programme it is also possible to add graphics and sound recordings to every page of the course. Your recordings operate with the built-in speech analyser, thus enabling you to use it in your own courses as well.

Download a full version

Below you can download a full version of SuperMemo UX .

Download full version of SuperMemo UX

Full version of the SuperMemo UX application (zip, 15 MB)
updated: 2013-10-14

Download now the full version of the application and course demos (below) and see for yourself how efficient the SuperMemo method is.

On systems older than Windows Vista you will also need Microsoft .NET Framework v2.0.

Download demo courses

Sample courses with examples of exercises (zip, 39 MB)
updated: 2008-11-18

The archive contains demo versions of the following courses:

  • Mit Erfolg zum Zertifikat Deutsch
  • Fast Track to CAE
  • First Certificate in English
as compressed smpak files which can be opened with the SuperMemo UX application.

Download demos courses:

pobierzExtreme English: Intermediate (zip, 48MB)
pobierzExtremes Deutsch: Mittelstufe (zip, 45MB)
pobierzFast Track to Swedish (exe, 41MB)

User’s manual (pdf, 3 MB)
updated: 2012-05-18

User's Manual - EN
User's Manual - DE
User's Manual - PT
User's Manual - PL