SuperMemo – There can only by one original

The inventors of SuperMemo proved that there is an effective method of learning a foreign language or remembering other types of information. It works for everyone who can devote 10 to 20 minutes a day to learning. There have been many methods inspired by SuperMemo that use the first versions of the algorithm, but it was SuperMemo to prove that success in learning is determined by repetition and regularity. The SuperMemo algorithm continues to be the best "virtual teacher" and the only one supported by scientific research. It helps to learn systematically and efficiently, at the same time proving that by applying the right method, everyone can learn effectively and forget about forgetting!

A method for remembering things

SuperMemo is a unique method of learning that was created as an answer to the question phrased by many people irrespective of their age or country of origin: is it possible to remember any amount of information once and for all? The invention and description of the forgetting curve was a breakthrough in our knowledge on learning and remembering. Research shows that effective remembering of any amount of information is possible when the information that we want to learn is refreshed in our memory at the right time intervals, with individual intervals for each piece of information that is learnt. By learning in this way, as quick as in the first month of learning everyone can master a basic set of vocabulary of any foreign language (3,000 words, phrases and grammar forms), irrespective of their age, origin or individual aptitude.


Gold Medal of Poznan Fair, Infosystem 1994, Poznan
Choice of 1995 PC World readers
Product of the Year 1997 awarded by the editors of PC-Courier
Award Price / Quality PC Format magazine in 2009 years

Media on the SuperMemo method

„SuperMemo is a program that keeps track of discrete bits of information you've learned and want to retain. (…)SuperMemo tracks this so-called forgetting curve and reminds you to rehearse your knowledge when your chance of recalling it has dropped to, say, 90 percent. When you first learn a new vocabulary word, your chance of recalling it will drop quickly. But after SuperMemo reminds you of the word, the rate of forgetting levels out. The program tracks this new decline and waits longer to quiz you the next time”.

Gary Wolf, WIRED

„As a whole SuperMemo is currently probably the best learning software on the market.”.

Hal Pashler, DER SPIEGEL

„For several months now, I have been carrying out an experiment myself based on the vocabulary of one of the artificial languages […] this trial has been evidently successful. Both the scope of the vocabulary I have learnt and the amount of time that I have devoted to learning are far above any standards (…). It really works!”.

Paweł Wimmer, Enter