Enough of running to language classes?

Everyone speaks at a different level?

Loads of books and copies to learn from?

The SuperMemo for iPhone application gives you access to language courses that you need, at your level and anytime you feel like it.

The FREE application features download of ready courses from the SuperMemo course catalogue. The catalogue contains tens of multimedia courses.

To get more details about the SuperMemo for iPhone application, check our video which explains in a simple way how the application works.

Download the free SuperMemo application now!

Simple and intuitive

Great aid for learning. Very effective for memorizing information. Rich, structured, comprehensive courses, far excelling what you may find in simple flashcard clones of this program. See the Spanish or Chinese course to see what I mean. SuperMemo was the pioneer in repetition spacing in the 90’s and still sets new standards today. It’s great!

Updated version!

The new version of SuperMemo for iPhone is now available!

Thank you for your suggestions! We read and appreciate them all, and in this version we have added many features based on our Users' opinions.

Here is the list with some of them:

  • Synchronisation - an option of transferring your learning process with the SuperMemo courses among the platforms:
    • iPhone, iPod Touch
    • Your PC -
      you install courses on CD/DVD-ROMs on your computer and learn whether you have access to the Internet or not
    • The supermemo.net e-learning platform
      you can learn wherever you are if you have access to the Internet.
      By using the advantages of synchronisation, you can learn in any way described above. With synchronisation of learning, your learning progress is available on all the SuperMemo platforms that you have access to. Read more about the feature of synchronisation.
  • A screen with useful guidelines has been added (bulb icon in the main menu). We invite you to have a look at them!
  • Users are informed about new courses available in the course catalog by notifications (Apple Push Notification Service).
  • Many improvements in the course catalogue: new courses and courses on offer are highlighted; changes in the interface, e.g. the 'Subjects' tab has been replaced with the 'Special offer' tab.
  • Options of creating backup copies of the database.
  • A feature that enables the user to enter the table of contents during repetitions or drills, improvement of the mechanism that marks the pages already introduced in the learning process.
  • In fill-in-the-gap exercises text fields adjust their length to the text that has to be provided.
  • Editing of a current page in user's courses is possible while learning (e.g. when the user spots an error, e.g. in the instruction).
  • Notification is displayed while updating (i.e. running a new version for the first time) the application.
  • Enhancements in editing user's courses (quick jump to the beginning/end of a list is possible), cosmetic interface changes.
  • Video components can be used on course pages.
  • Navigation bar can be displayed or hidden during learning in the landscape mode (double tap to show/hide; only for iOS 4.0).
  • Refreshing the study plan if the application was inactive when the date has been changed.

Regular features of the application include:

  • The learning mode and preparing a study plan for a given day,
  • The SuperMemo courses support your learning efforts by creating your personal study plan for a given day. It includes the number of repetitions, the material you possibly need to revise and the new material.

    The fast learning courses are based on the SuperMemo revising method. When you solve an exercise, the application checks if the answer is correct and, at the same time, shows the auto-grade buttons. Users can choose their own grade and the application calculates the date of the next revision using the abovementioned algorithm of repetitions.

    Moreover, the learning mode allows users to sit a mock exam of their choice, within time constraints similar to those of a real exam. After the test is finished, a summary is presented together with the results and a pre-determined pass-fail threshold. Using the examination pages is similar to operating other known SuperMemo platforms.

  • The repetitions schedule,
  • The scheduler allows users to browse the number of repetitions set for any given day. They can be viewed for all the courses together or for just one of them.

  • The course catalogue – a store where new courses can be downloaded,
  • When taking advantage of the course catalogue users can browse and download all the available courses – the free ones, as well as the paid ones. Once the course has been bought, it is assigned to the user’s iTunes account and can be downloaded multiple times without another payment.

    Using the store is very easy, as it has been modeled on the AppStore. The available courses are divided into two categories: by language and by subject. Within these categories there are subcategories, so users can effortlessly find the course they are interested in. Purchasing the courses is equally straightforward and intuitive for the iPhone users. The store uses the inApp Purchase mechanism, introduced in the iPhone OS 3.0 firmware. The payment system is identical with the one used when buying applications in the AppStore. Users need to log into their iTunes account and then their account balance will automatically be charged with the amount due.

  • The option of creating new courses by users,
  • Thanks to the SuperMemo application for iPhone users can define and create their own interactive courses, based on the exercises of their own design. With your own courses you can study the materials you have created yourself, making use of the advantages of the SuperMemo method.

    The course editor allows users to define various types of pages: the chapter and presentation pages, and also the question and answer, fill the gaps and multiple choice exercise pages. The editing process in itself is supported with many tools which simplify creating, editing and transferring exercises within the course structure. What is more, users can import their own courses in text files in the Q&A format to the iPhone. Courses are imported from a local computer with the use of an Internet browser. Similarly, user's courses can be downloaded from the iPhone to the computer.

  • The mechanism of managing the courses, browsing their properties, etc.
  • Users have the option of managing their downloaded courses in many ways. They can: adjust the “New Exercises per Day” and “Forgetting Index” parameters, check their progress (the number of pages studied compared to the overall number of pages of a course) and also delete the information about progress, delete courses, browse course properties.

  • Scrolling the text,
  • The application allows to scroll the text if it is too long to fit the box. Touch the frame with two fingers and drag it in the direction needed.

  • Different types of exercises,
  • The application includes different types of exercises within the courses e.g. drag and drop or ordering list. The printscreens below show how to do the exercises.

With the FREE SuperMemo for iPhone application, you will be able to download the following:

  • Comprehensive courses (Spanish, English) with audio
  • Courses consist of three levels (beginner, intermediate and advanced) where each level contains 12 extensive and thoroughly designed lessons (based on the SuperMemo method). One level comprises almost 3,000 grammar and vocabulary exercises, which allow the user to learn 1,000 new words and expressions. Each lesson consists in working with texts, reading and listening comprehension, and revising the vocabulary used in the texts. The course also includes commentaries and grammar sections.

    Courses available:

      - Spanish. No hay problema! (in English)
      - Englisch. No Problem! (in German)
      - Polish. Bez problemu! (in English)

  • Extreme English – vocabulary course covering over 25,000 items (with audio)
  • Intensive Vocabulary Training System covering 80,000 words, phrases and examples from basic to an extremely advanced level. Available levels:

      - Basic
      - Intermediate
      - Advanced
      - Proficiency
      - Grammar & Idioms in Use

    The course contains:

      - over 27,000 words most frequently used in English, including business vocabulary,
      - grammar, idioms, phrasal verbs and irregular verbs – a set of 7,400 exercises covering most difficult subjects for learners of English,
      - comprehensive learner’s dictionary with definitions, synonyms, examples of use, illustrations and recordings,
      - easy search and selection for learning of particular words according to:
    • thematic categories, e.g. Food and drinks, Education, Science and technology,
    • exams, e.g. FCE, CAE, CPE, TOEFL, GMAT,
    • frequency in the language,
    • common neighbouring words,
      - exercises that let the user practise most common language skills, e.g. use in communication, reading and listening comprehension.

  • Extreme English series of the"Words" courses
    • The Extreme English courses in the "Words" series are courses of English for iPhone prepared especially for candidates for English language exams at all levels of advancement. That means that the English for iPhone courses can be used for example by businessmen and candidates for MBA studies in the USA. English for iPhone in the "Words" series is an excellent tool supporting the learning for the following exams:

      Cambridge Young Learners of English (YLE) for children aged 7 to 12
      Cambridge Key English Test (KET) and Preliminary English Test (PET) for learners at basic level
      First Certificate in English (FCE) for candidates preparing for the most popular exam that confirms intermediate knowledge of English
      International English Language Testing System (IELTS) recommended for everyone who is going to study or work in English-speaking countries
      Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)
      Certificate in Advanced English (CAE) and Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE) for learners at advanced level
      Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT) and Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) recommended for everyone who is going to start MBA studies
      Business English Certificate (BEC) for everyone who would like to confirm their advanced knowledge of business English
      Due to the volume of the educational material included, selected courses are divided into two or three parts.

  • Business English course (with audio)
  • Business English is a multimedia course presenting up-to-date business vocabulary, concerned with business-related issues in the world of today, such as management, finances, advertising, marketing, negotiations and many more.

    The course is set in the business world of today, incorporating multiculturalism, equality of rights, differences in negotiations in the globalised world and up-to-date vocabulary. With the SuperMemo method learning with the course is fast and prepares well for easy communication in typical business situations.

  • Mini phrasebooks (with audio)
  • A collection of basic words and phrases that are necessary on a business trip or vacation abroad. The course includes over 200 words and expressions, logically divided into 4 parts: Basic expressions, Traveling, Accommodation, Eating & Drinking. Each chapter can be individually selected for learning from the content tree.

  • FCE Certificate in English (with audio)
  • The FCE (First Certificate in English) course is an extensive collection of tests and questions based on the analysis of previous FCE exams. Additionally, the course includes two real exam simulations to check one’s knowledge under exam-like conditions.

    The test part contains over 1,000 especially designed exercises for the user’s optimal preparation to take the FCE exam. The exercises are arranged into five typical exam components: Reading, Writing, Use of English, Listening and Speaking. Similarly to the exam, most exercises are of the multiple-choice type.

  • Art gallery, capitals of the world and many more…

Besides, you can also create your own simple courses aided by the SuperMemo method.


The application can run only on devices with iPhone OS 3.0. (or higher) installed. It has been tested on iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS (better application performance).

An Internet connection is necessary to download the courses. Because of their volume (e.g. 100MB) using the Wi-Fi connection for iPhone while downloading is recommended, as it reduces the cost compared to the EGDE or 3G technology transfer.

Soon the new SuperMemo for iPhone - see the list of changes implemented in the new version.

Below you will find a survey with some suggestions of changes to the new version of the SuperMemo application for iPhone. Choose the ideas you find most useful.

I would like to be able to:

Q: I am on a page with a box which contains a lot of information. Some of it cannot be seen, because the box is too small. How can I see the hidden content from the lower part of the box? If I try to drag it with a finger, the whole page shifts, not just the contents of the box.

A: It is due to the settings of the Safari for iPhone, used by the SuperMemo application. To see the contents of a box, you have to touch it with two fingers and drag it in the direction needed.

Q: I removed the last exercise in a chapter and the application transferred me one level up. I cannot see my chapter. What happened?

A: When you remove the last exercise of a chapter, the application changes the type of that unit from chapter to presentation (the content is still there). If you check one level up, you should find a presentation page with the same title and contents as that chapter.

Q: I have noticed that changing the exercise type or the copy&paste method doesn’t always work. Is this a bug in the application?

A: No, it is not a bug. Copy&paste is disabled for chapters (but you can still use drag&drop). In addition, once a type of chapter for an exercise is set, it cannot be changed.

Q: What's new in the latest version of the application?

A: You can find the complete list of changes and fixed issues here.

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Simple and intuitive

Great aid for learning. Very effective for memorizing information. Rich, structured, comprehensive courses, far excelling what you may find in simple flashcard clones of this program. See the Spanish or Chinese course to see what I mean. SuperMemo was the pioneer in repetition spacing in the 90’s and still sets new standards today. It’s great!

I love it

I love this program. I used the SuperMemo UX before and it really worked. After several months, spending 15-20 minutes per day, my head was packed with thousands new words, facts, etc.

A nice range of ready courses. Now I can start learning Spanishon my iPhone.

It works!

I was waiting for an iPhone flashcard app that implemented spaced repetition, and was delighted that supermemo appeared. In short, the app gives you the flashcards according to an algorithm based on scientific research into human memory, just as you need them to maximize learning. It works, and although this interface lacks flair, losing it a star, it is great value: free! Some courses are free as well.

Great app

Better than flash cards. No need to worry about reviews anymore. The app prepares them for you.