Polish. Bez problemu!+ Elementary

Polski. Bez problemu!+ Poziom podstawowy A1-A2

Elementary level A1-A2

It is an extensive self-study textbook with a CD-ROM course and a set of MP3 recordings to be played independently.

Knowledge of the language at the A1-A2 level makes it possible to communicate with the use of basic vocabulary. The range of competencies according to the guidelines set by the Council of Europe.

Course on CD-ROM
Price: €19.00 ($24.05)

Course for download
Price: €15.00 ($18.99)
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Textbook and course

The course "Polski. Bez problemu!+ Elementary" is aimed at English-speaking users who would like to begin learning Polish or brush up their forgotten basics. After mastering the content of the course, the user is able to communicate easily in Polish in simple everyday situations (A2 level according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).


  • dialogues and texts that present the meaning of words and expressions in context and teach their correct use in speech
  • grammar explanations
  • exercises with an answer key
  • practical English-Polish and Polish-English dictionaries with words from the course


The set contains a textbook and a CD-ROM with the multimedia course and MP3 recordings. Contact with the language in two different ways improves effectiveness of the learning process. You can thumb through the textbook on a tram or a bus, while listening to dialogues and lists of vocabulary recorded by the Polish native speakers.

  • The grammar subjects include among others:
    • conjugation of verbs,
    • cardinal and ordinal numerals,
    • personal and possessive pronouns,
    • tenses: present, past and future,
    • the plural form of nouns,
    • inflection and comparison of adjectives,
    • cases and genders of nouns,
    • perfect and imperfect verbs.
  • The vocabulary subjects include among others:
    • introducing oneself, one’s family and friends,
    • giving time and date,
    • describing the daily routine,
    • describing one’s interests,
    • talking about the past and future plans,
    • describing one’s outward appearance and features of character,
    • elementary work-related topics,
    • describing Poland from the tourist point of view,
    • giving directions in a town,
    • describing one’s leisure time,
    • celebrating one’s birthday and name day.
  • innovative textbook divided into chapters
  • fully voiced multimedia course with over 2,500 exercises and explanations
  • MP3 files with recordings of all dialogues, texts, words and expressions made by professional Polish speakers to be listened e.g. in a car or on a bus – 130 minutes of recordings!

MP3 recordings

Nagrania MP3

Apart from the course, the CD-ROM contains also a set of MP3 recordings. This will let you listen to texts on any MP3 player and to repeat vocabulary e.g. during a walk or while driving a car.

The SuperMemo application in brief

SuperMemo is a method of computer-aided learning based on research in long-term memory. The method has gained wide recognition and received numerous awards. It provides the learner with an optimum learning plan and repetition schedule, which allows to minimise the learning time with a nearly 100% knowledge retention.


SuperMemo and memory mechanisms

Non-deductive information requires repeating in order to be remembered. Statistically, a simple information item (like date, number, new foreign word) is remembered for up to several days without recalling it through usage, association or repetition. Successive repetitions tend to reinforce memory traces, therefore the intervals between repetitions necessary to keep information in the memory get longer.

SuperMemo effectiveness guarantee

Basing on the data from the learning process, SuperMemo assigns each information its current difficulty level and predicts how long you will remember it. Your next review is planned shortly before the expected moment of forgetting.

SuperMemo retention guarantee

With the Pronunciation Trainer in the SuperMemoUX application the speech you record yourself is automatically analysed in terms of stress, intonation, rhythm and other important articulatory parameters. Apart from the automatic assessment, amplitude graphs and spectrograms provide additional information about the correctness of the recording. You can also control the speed of the model native speaker’s recording.