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Mobile Polish Phrase Book

Polish Phrase Book

Price: €5.99

Pristine nature, sandy beaches at the seaside, and numerous picturesque lakes in Masuria attract visitors from all over the world to Poland. Before the trip, you would do well to learn some Polish phrases that will enable you to experience legendary Polish hospitality.
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Polish. Bez problemu!+ (set of 3 multimedia courses with textbooks )

Angielski. No problem!+ Polski. Bez problemu!+
Mobile Polish Phrase Book for FREE with the full set

Cena zestawu: €45.00

Learning with the course is based on the SuperMemo method, the absolutely unique algorithm of repetition whose effectiveness has been proven by scientific research.
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Polish. Bez problemu! Set of 3 textbooks with MP3 recordings

Polski. Bez problemu!
Set of 3 textbooks with MP3 recordings

Angielski, Samouczki
Price: €29.90

Choose the self-study, three-level course of the Polish language and you will get access to another course of your choice at the supermemo.net for up to six months – for free! The package contains 3 textbooks and 3 CDs with MP3 recordings. Purchase the full set to obtain presents from the SuperMemo World.more »