Español Extremo Básico

Español Extremo Básico

3,300 words most frequently used in Spanish

The Español Extremo Básico course is a collection of 3,300 basic words most commonly used in the Spanish language. This vocabulary range is necessary to communicate easily at A1 and A2 levels, according to The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. With the use of the vocabulary at these levels, the learner can easily describe basically all the meanings in a given language. Mastering this set of vocabulary items allows the learners to understand the spoken and written language and to talk about basic everyday topics.


Course on CD-ROM
Price: €19.90 ($24.72)

Course for download
Price: €19.90 ($24.72)
no delivery cost!

Features of the package:

  • SuperMemo UX for vocabulary training, based on the SuperMemo method of repetition that has received numerous awards and whose effectiveness has been proven by research,
  • 3,300 words that are most frequently used in Spanish and allow easy communication,
  • comprehensive learner’s dictionary with definitions, synonyms, examples of use, illustrations and recordings,
  • easy search and selection for learning of particular words according to:
    • thematic categories, e.g. Plantas, Acciones y posiciones, Deporte,
    • frequency in the language,
  • selection of exercise types that let the user practise different skills, e.g. use in communication, correct spelling, listening comprehension, pronunciation trainer that analyses and evaluates the accent, intonation and other important speech parameters.

Zawartość kursu:

  • 3 300 words
  • 20 000 exercises
  • 6 700 examples
  • 4 hours of recordings
5 000 words
30 000 exercises
10 000 examples
6 hours of recordings
Available on sale soon
10 000 words
60 000 exercises
20 000 examples
12 hours of recordings
Available on sale soon
7 000 words
42 000 exercises
14 000 examples
8 hours of recordings
Available on sale soon
3 300 words
20 000 exercises
6 700 examples
4 hours of recordings
Basic scope of vocabulary
necessary for easy
communication on everyday
5 000 exercises
7 hours of recordings
Exercises on grammar, irregular
verb forms, phrasal verbs and

System requirements

Wymagania Windows 2000 SP3 EN, XP EN, Vista EN, Windows 7 EN,
Internet Explorer 7.0 or later,
sound card, 400 MB disc space.

There are 6 exercise types for each word:

  • Say the word – exercise of the question-answer type,
  • Complete the sentence – filling in gaps in sentences,
  • Choose the correct word – choosing the correct option from a set of options in a sentence,
  • Choose the correct definition – choosing the correct definition for a given word,
  • Listen and say – exercise of the question-answer type based on understanding the definition in the recording,
  • Listen and complete – writing in a word based on the definition in the recording.

All the definitions and instructions in the course are in Spanish. All the words and definitions in the course have been recorded by Spanish native speakers.

The SuperMemo application in brief

SuperMemo is a method of computer-aided learning based on research in long-term memory. The method has gained wide recognition and received numerous awards. It provides the learner with an optimum learning plan and repetition schedule, which allows to minimise the learning time with a nearly 100% knowledge retention.

A new generation of SuperMemo UX

A new generation of SuperMemo UX introduces new functionalities such as the possibility to:

  • create an individual list of words to learn,
  • search words and add them to the list,
  • choose the the types of exercises and paths of learning.

SuperMemo and memory mechanisms

Non-deductive information requires repeating in order to be remembered. Statistically, a simple information item (like date, number, new foreign word) is remembered for up to several days without recalling it through usage, association or repetition. Successive repetitions tend to reinforce memory traces, therefore the intervals between repetitions necessary to keep information in the memory get longer.

SuperMemo effectiveness guarantee

Basing on the data from the learning process, SuperMemo assigns each information its current difficulty level and predicts how long you will remember it. Your next review is planned shortly before the expected moment of forgetting.

SuperMemo retention guarantee

With the Pronunciation Trainer in the SuperMemoUX application the speech you record yourself is automatically analysed in terms of stress, intonation, rhythm and other important articulatory parameters. Apart from the automatic assessment, amplitude graphs and spectrograms provide additional information about the correctness of the recording. You can also control the speed of the model native speaker’s recording.

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